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AllyTimber Fencing: 11 Reasons Why You Should Choose It.

AllyTimber Fencing: 11 Reasons Why You Should Choose It.


  1. AllyTimber is like real timber AllyTimber is made to look like real timber – you can barely tell the difference. This is great if you love the look of natural timber but want the added benefits of aluminium.
  1. Custom design It is such a simple metal to work with that it can easily be molded into any custom design you wish, to suit any architectural style – from traditional ornate to contemporary aluminium slat fencing.
  1. Australian made There is a direct correlation between consumer purchasing behavior and employment, local economic development and prosperity. When you buy Australian-made and grown products, you can be sure you are keeping your family members and friends employed
  1. Security Due to its strength, steel can be used as a security fence, and is popular for residential properties and semi-high security situations.
  1. Fire resistant According to ELVAL, Aluminium is resistant to fire and will not burn. Most Aluminium alloys have a melting point between 600 and 660 degrees Celsius. Therefore when aluminium is exposed to a prolonged fire environment it will begin to melt (not burn), provided that the metal’s temperature passes the melting point.
  1. Strength The strength of aluminium protects the fence from damage due to inclement weather, like high winds or potential man-made destruction.
  1. Inexpensive Aluminium is an inexpensive alternative to materials like steel or iron. This makes it extremely great value, also considering that it has high durability – it will last you many years.
  1. Lightweight Aluminium is an extremely light alloy – being lighter than wood or steel. The light-weight makes it easy to install or replace in case of damage. 
  1. Rust resistance Aluminium is naturally resistant to corrosion, making it the perfect option for most people who need fencing outdoors and especially those who live near the sea.
  1. Eco-friendly The production of aluminium is one the most environmentally friendly processes across the metals and mining industry. Aluminium can be endlessly recycled while keeping its distinctive properties. Moreover, it is used to produce energy efficient transport and construct eco-friendly buildings.
  1. Easy to install. AllyTimber is super easy to install – at Smoothline Fences we specialize in this type of installation. Give us a call today and get started!

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